Reviewed International Research Papers

Dr. Ghangrekar has reviewed for total  Fifty Seven (57)  International Research Papers and total One Hundred and Ninety Three (193) menu scripts

  1. Water Science and Technology,
  2. Waste Management and Research,
  3. Journal of Hazardous Material,
  4. Water Research,
  5. of Environmental Engineering, ASCE,
  6. Bioresource Technology,
  7. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology,
  8. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering,
  9. International Journal of Environment and Waste Management
  10. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  11. Microbial Ecology journal (Springer)
  12. The Environmentalist, (Springer)
  13. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
  14. Aquaculture
  15. Biotechnology Progress
  16. of Indian Water Works Association
  17. Environmental Technology
  18. Resources, Conservation & Recycling
  19. Current Science
  20. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering
  21. Environmental Science & Technology
  22. Biochemical Engineering Journal
  23. Chemical Papers, Czech Republic
  24. Energy & Fuels
  25. Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management, ASCE Publication.
  26. Journal of Applied Microbiology
  27. Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
  28. Bioelectrochemistry,
  29. Journal of Biological Research.
  30. Biofouling
  31. Renewable Energy – an International Journal
  32. International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering
  33. Journal of Soils and Sediments
  34. Journal of Ecology and Natural (JENE)
  35. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
  36. Chemosphere
  37. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  38. Applied Energy
  39. Journal of Basic Microbiology
  40. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering.
  41. Journal of Power Sources,
  42. International Journal of Global Warming, Inderscience publication.
  43. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research.
  44. Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy
  45. Separation Science and Technology, Taylor and Francis
  46. BMC Biotechnology
  47. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal
  48. Journal of King Saud University (Science), Elsevier Journal
  49. Fuel
  50. Journal of Biometrics and its Applications
  51. Chemical Engineering Journal
  52. Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology
  53. Process Biochemistry
  54. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
  55. Chemical Engineering Research and Design
  56. Journal of Water Process Engineering
  57. Sadhana – Academy Proceedings in Engineering Science