Reviewed International Research Papers

Dr. Ghangrekar has reviewed for total  One Hundred and Thirty (130) International Research Papers and total Five Hundred and Sixty (560) menu scripts

International Research Papers

  1. Water Science and Technology,
  2. Waste Management and Research,
  3. Journal of Hazardous Material,
  4. Water Research,
  5. of Environmental Engineering, ASCE,
  6. Bioresource Technology,
  7. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology,
  8. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering,
  9. International Journal of Environment and Waste Management
  10. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  11. Microbial Ecology journal (Springer)
  12. The Environmentalist, (Springer)
  13. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
  14. Aquaculture
  15. Biotechnology Progress
  16. of Indian Water Works Association
  17. Environmental Technology
  18. Resources, Conservation & Recycling
  19. Current Science
  20. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering
  21. Environmental Science & Technology
  22. Biochemical Engineering Journal
  23. Chemical Papers, Czech Republic
  24. Energy & Fuels
  25. Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management, ASCE Publication.
  26. Journal of Applied Microbiology
  27. Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
  28. Bioelectrochemistry,
  29. Journal of Biological Research.
  30. Biofouling
  31. Renewable Energy – an International Journal
  32. International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering
  33. Journal of Soils and Sediments
  34. Journal of Ecology and Natural (JENE)
  35. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
  36. Chemosphere
  37. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  38. Applied Energy
  39. Journal of Basic Microbiology
  40. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering.
  41. Journal of Power Sources,
  42. International Journal of Global Warming, Inderscience publication.
  43. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research.
  44. Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy
  45. Separation Science and Technology, Taylor and Francis
  46. BMC Biotechnology
  47. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal
  48. Journal of King Saud University (Science), Elsevier Journal
  49. Fuel
  50. Journal of Biometrics and its Applications
  51. Chemical Engineering Journal
  52. Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology
  53. Process Biochemistry
  54. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
  55. Chemical Engineering Research and Design
  56. Journal of Water Process Engineering
  57. Sadhana – Academy Proceedings in Engineering Science
  58. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation
  59. Separation and Purification Technology
  60. Journal of Renewable Energy
  61. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
  62. Scientific Reports
  63. Journal of Nanomaterials
  64. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association
  65. PLOS ONE
  66. Desalination and Water Treatment
  67. The Electrochemical Society Journals
  68. Journal of Biological Engineering
  69. Frontiers in Energy
  70. Polymers for Advanced Technologies.
  71. RSC advances
  72. Materials Science and Engineering B
  73. Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering
  74. Archaea, Hindawi publisher
  75. Water and Environment Journal
  76. International Journal of Chemical Engineering, Hindawi Publication
  77. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
  78. International Journal of Energy Research
  79. Applied Surface Science
  80. Engineering in Life Sciences
  81. Energy
  82. Journal of Alloys and Compounds
  83. Algal Research
  84. Microbial Biotechnology
  85. Biosensors and Bioelectronics
  86. Journal of Chemistry
  87. IONICS
  88. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology
  89. Hydrometallurgy
  90. Journal of Cleaner Production
  91. Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste
  92. International Journal of Technology (IJTech)
  93. Journal of Cleaner Production
  94. Environment International
  95. Bioresource Technology Reports
  96. Environmental Sustainability
  97. Biotechnology Advances
  98. Environmental Chemistry Letters.
  99. Environmental Technology & Innovation,
  100. Indian Journal Of Experimental Biology.
  101. SN Applied Sciences, Springer Nature
  102. ChemCatChem, Wiley-VCH
  103. Frontiers in Energy Research
  104. Renewable and Sustainable Energy: An International Journal (RSEJ)
  105. Reviews in Biotechnology and Biochemistry
  106. Biotechnology reports
  107. Biotechnology for Biofuels
  108. Bioresources and Bioprocessing
  109. npj Biofilms and Microbiomes
  110. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science
  111. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly
  112. Alexandria Engineering Journal
  113. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
  114. International Journal of Infectious Diseases
  115. Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering
  116. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry
  117. Materials Chemistry and Physics
  118. Energy Reports
  119. Environmental Pollution
  120. 3Biotech, Springer Journals
  121. Enzyme and Microbial Technology
  122. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments
  123. Environmental Research
  124. Current Research in Microbial Sciences
  125. Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  126. Frontiers in Chemical Engineering
  127. Journal of the Indian Chemical Society
  128. Water Environment Research
  129. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
  130. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology.

Book Reviewed

  1. Pearson Education, South Asia
  2. Taylor & Francis publishing group, UK
  3. Tata McGraw-Hill Education
  4. Elsevier
  5. Springer

Proposal Reviewed

  1. Reviewing proposals for DBT, BIRAC, DST, IMPRINT, SPARC, Dutch Research Council (NWO)
  2. August 2015. Reviewed two proposals under new RSOP for Central Power and Research Institute, Government of India undertaking.
  3. June 2015. Reviewed proposal for National Science centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki) seated in Krakow, ul. Krolewska 57, 30-081, Krakow, Poland
  4. May 2015. Reviewed a proposal for BIRAC.
  5. September 2014. Sustainable energy, Microbial Fuel Cell, Waste water treatment, Electricity generation. By Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun. Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.
  6. August 2014. Waste2Food – Recovery of resources from waste sludge, organic biological waste and manure as high-efficiency fertilizers for food production. By P. Vanrolleghem. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
  7. June 2014. Solid phase purification of mixed salts item RO rejects at leather industries-process development (No. DST/TSG/ROR/2013/99). DST, India
  8. June 2014. Characterization of mixed salts from RO rejects at leather industries (No. DST/TSG/ROR/2013/98). DST, India
  9. March 2014. Reviewed 12 project proposals submitted to BIRAC by different researchers.
  10. January 2013. Advancing a Novel Sludge-bed Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters: Effluent Post-treatment and Recovery of Valuable Products Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
  11. March 2013. Project Title “influence of chlorine disinfectant and natural organic matter gradients on disinfection by-product Formation in drinking water of some Indian cities”, SERC, DST, India
  12. August 2013. Semi-centralized, Energy intelligent Wastewater Treatment and Reuse. DST India; 2+2 mode of Partnership.
  13. January 2012. Advances in Municipal Wastewater Treatment. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
  14. August 2012. Analysis of metabolically active bacterial species in anaerobic digesters, CSIR, HRDG, New Delhi.
  15. December 2012. Development of 1-D Transient Conservative pollutant transport model for meso-scale application by Bhabagrahi Sahoo, ISIRD, , IIT Kharagpur.
  16. September 2011. Production of bioelectricity from sludge and domestic wastewater using microbial fuel cell, sponsored by MoEF, New Delhi.
  17. July 2010. Modified electrode materials for microbial fuel cell, DST, India