Dr. Ghangrekar had filed Indian patents on

  1. Fabrication of Low Cost Microbial fuel cell using Earthen pot as a proton exchange material.  Patent application No. 1198/KOL/2009 date 24/09/2009.
  2. Earthen material based cathode separator assembly for bioelectrochemical system. Provisional Patent application No. 805/KOL/2013. Date 05/07/2013.
  3. Development of cost effective membrane cathode assembly for a single chambered microbial fuel cell. Indian Patent Application No.: 1302/KOL/2013 dated 14/09/2013.
  4. Anode, Cathode and Separator in Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) for Treatment of Wastewater and Electricity Generation. Provisional Patent filed in March 2014.
  5. Enhancing organic matter removal from malt based distillery wastewater by Aspergillus awamori pretreatment, for Chitosan recovery, and electricity recovery in microbial fuel cell. Indian Patent Application No.: 822/KOL/2014 dated August 4, 2014.
  6. A system for simultaneous treatment of wastewater and wastegas using a microbial carbon capture cell reactor. Indian Patent Application No.: 0471/KOL/2015 dated April 28, 2015.